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The Education, Relief and Welfare Section of Ananda Marga (ERAWS) founded in 1964, shoulders the main responsibility for social service in education, relief and welfare. Its role is to establish and run primary and high schools and colleges. Its permanent relief section opens and runs children's homes and homes for the handicapped.

It currently runs over 1,000 primary schools in India, and over 200 abroad. It also run about 165 children homes all over the world. The main intention of running schools is to impart a value-based system of education based on the motto, Sa vidya ya vimuktaye, meaning education should be for life in all strata of human society.

Similarly, it has been running a large network of children's homes, students' homes, rural development centres, charitable dispensaries, medical clinics, hospitals, community kitchens, etc.

Ananda Marga also runs 200 master units, which are rural welfare projects aimed at the integrated development of villages to uplift tribals and socially backward people.

Ananda Marga in Japan is currently supporting several projects in India, Mongolia, Thailand and Peru. For more information about some of these projects; please click on the appropriate link:

AMURT Mongolia


Lotus Children's Home

Providing Shelter, Education and Love to abandoned children in Mongolia

Baan Unraak

Giving destitute children and abandoned mothers a home and hope for a better future


Doll making provides employment to Peru's poorest



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