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How to Meditate?

Meditation - Steps For Practice
Set aside twenty minutes, morning and evening preferably at dawn and dusk before your meal. (Don't let twenty minutes be a barrier - 5 minutes is also good if that's also you can do).
Freshen up with a half-bath (dousing the limbs, eyes, face and neck with water) or cool shower before starting.
Choose a quiet place in a clean environment where you will not be disturbed.
Sit on a blanket and use a cushion to raise you slightly off the ground and support your knees if necessary.
Sit with your back straight but not stiff, shoulders relaxed, legs crossed and hands folded in the lap. Curl your tongue up and slightly back so it touches the roof of the mouth. (You may relax this posture if it becomes painful but try to become accustomed to it gradually).
Check that you are breathing correctly - i.e. that your breath is centred in the abdomen rather than the chest.
Focus your mind on your breath for a few moments until you feel yourself settle down.
Think of infinite love or infinite consciousness all around you, within and without. Think that there is nothing except this. Hold this idea until you feel your consciousness softening and expanding in a pleasant manner. (Note: this does not have to be visual, it can be a feeling or idea)
Continue to think of infinite love or infinite consciousness all around and begin to repeat the mantra, "Baba Nam Kevalam" and think of its meaning, "Infinite Love is all there is".
Feel that you are merging into that infinite love or infinite consciousness, that you are becoming infinite love or infinite consciousness yourself.
If your mind wanders, gently bring it back to the mantra and the idea of the infinite.

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