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Kiirtan is mantra sung before meditation. Baba Nam Kevalam means "everything is an expression of one infinite, loving Consciousness". This universal mantra was given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.


The Physical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Kiirtan:


  • Loosens the knees and ankles and prepares us for siting in meditation posture.
  • Massages the pineal gland thus improving functions of thinking.
  • Reduces high blood pressure, hypertension.


  • Removes complexities from the mind. Many people are suffering from mental inllness or committing suicide today due to psychic complexities of modern society. These are removed through daily Kiirtan.
  • Makes the mind simple and loving.
  • Removes egoism.
  • Removes depression, frustration and worry from the mind.
  • Makes the mind carefree, light and pure.
  • Enables us to think clearly and objectively.


  • Reminds us that we are children of Cosmic Creator.
  • Develops the highest quality in human being: devotion and love for the Supreme.
  • Best aid to spiritual meditation since all the organs and mind gets purified through chanting the mantra beforehand.

Performing Kiirtan at Home

Kiirtan is best performed with live musical accompaniment which you create yourself or with others. It can also be sung and danced without the help of musical instruments. However, if you neither play an instrument nor feel confident of carrying a tune on your own you may also sing and dance Kiirtan to the accompaniment of a tape or compact disc. If you are dancing Kiirtan the more lively melodies will be more enjoyable, whereas the slower tunes are more suitable for sitting or lying with the eyes closed.

Dealing With Difficulties

The main difficulties which get in the way of enjoying Kiirtan are self consciousness and inertia. Though one may feel a little silly initially, the above explanations should make it clear that there is a very deep science and tradition behind Kiirtan.

The personal benefits of Kiirtan can be discovered if one remains open to the possibilities and is prepared to persevere. The path of self"realisation is not the path that most people choose. On this path, therefore, it is unwise to care too much about what others think. (The Chinese spiritual classic, called the Tao Te Ching says, When people laugh at it you can be sure it is the Tao (the Way). If you can get past the feeling silly barrier you find Kiirtan one of the most rewarding practices you have ever experienced. It may of course be possible that the practice of Kiirtan simply doesn't appeal to your personality. This is also fine. Yoga has many aspects and you are free to choose the ones which appeal to you most.

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